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Je vous quitte

Par Bialès - Publié le

Oui mes amis, je quitte Mac4Ever.
J'ai trouvé un vrai boulot qui me correspond.
Voyez plutôt :

Title: Apple Store Manager-Honolulu, HI
Req. ID: 1912028
Location: Honolulu-Ala Moana-R073, Hawaii
Country: United States

Store Manager
Fearless Leader

Are you as passionate about growing a business, leading a team, and providing outstanding service as you are about the latest
PowerBook? Does the thought of working for Apple make you grin like a kid eating birthday cake? If so, you might
have what it takes to become an Apple Store Manager.

If you are accepted, you'll lead an intelligent and enthusiastic team on a mission to engage and educate Apple customers
in surprising and delightful ways. You'll help the Apple brand through unparalleled customer service, store contribution, and profitability.

Of course, not just anyone has what it takes to be an Apple Store Manager. But that's the whole idea. You just aren't anyone, right?

Key Features:

[ Always led during Follow the Leader.
] Drives friends crazy with deep discussions about philosophy and vision.
[ Lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps technology.
] Thinks different.
[ Would ride the space shuttle if only it wasn't so slow.
] Comfortably translates "techno-speak" into laymen's terms.

Job Description:

[ Passionately lead and unite your store team on a journey to enrich the lives of Apple customers.
] Promote fearless feedback-up, down, and sideways-to create the most knowledgeable and customer-oriented team in the world.
[ Make your store the most popular gathering place for Mac aficionados-a fun, exciting, fresh place to be.
] Recruit, hire, and retain a diverse and talented team to strengthen the Apple brand.
[ Develop your management team and geniuses to reach the next level of achievement-both theirs and the store's.
] Sniff out, refine, and communicate innovative ideas that improve store processes and performance.
[ Set the standard for keeping your store in tip-top shape.
] Think Different. Challenge the status-quo - and encourage your team to do the same.
[ Communicate positively with store team members, customers, channel partners, and headquarters. Remember, you represent the Apple brand.
] Manage profitability through sales, scheduling, payroll, and shrink goals.
[ Maintain a fit and healthy Mac mind.
] Oh yeah-and have fun! After all, this is Apple.

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