Bionicle is en vente

Par Ergo, le

We have reçu un mail from Camille Thouvenin, a very good représentant of Feral, because, they sortent a niou jeu. This niou jeu, very bien from everywhere se calle Bionicle.

Je give you, the totalité of the courriel, because he cause very mieux que me:

Feral announces Bionicle for the Mac!

As you may have seen during Steve Job's Keynote, Feral will be publishing the Lego game Bionicle.

Bionicle features will let the player enter the legend of Bionicle, Lego’s best selling game ever. Bionicle features all 6 Toa’s each of them playing a stunning game environment such as swimming in the see, snowboarding in the mountains, gliding from tree to tree and much more fun.
Use Toa’s elemental powers to defeat Makuta, reveal the 7th Toa and
return the island of Mata Nui to light. Be the Toa – Live out the legend.

The Macintosh version of Bionicle is under development by Zonic and will be released for Mac OS X. More detail on the Mac version of can will soon be available on our website.

Look out for our other two announcements during the show.

If you need more information on this title please, ask for David Stephen at our booth 4036 in the Game Area.

Take care,
Camille Thouvenin

Prend care aussi :)

Suivez-nous !

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